1m to 3m Mini USB Cable for PSP, PS3 Controller, Sat Nav

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This Premium Quality 5-Pin Mini USB B-Male Cable connects a PC / Laptop to a range of portable devices (Digital Cameras, PSP, Mobile Phones, GPS & Sat Nav and MP3 Players etc). The cable delivers faster data transfer to ensure high performance.

A detachable USB cable means you can take it with you to sync and charge your devices, phones or cameras at home or at work on PC or Compatible USB Wall Socket.

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Product Description

1 metre to 3 metres Mini USB Charge & Sync Cable For Digital Cameras, Sony Playstation 3 wireless Controllers, Sony PSP, Satellite Navigation’s, Mobiles and many more.

 Extra Long Charging cable means, you can charge your PS3 controller / PSP and play at the same time.

Compatible with most devices with Mini USB Port.

  • USB 3.0 Type A Male – Mini B Male (5 Pin)
  • Moulded / Shielded
  • Hi-speed USB 3.0

Length: 1 metre to 3 metres approximately ( Please select above )

Colour: Black


1 x USB to Mini USB Cable

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USB to Mini USB Charge & Sync Cable

Connector A

USB Standard Male

Connector B

Mini USB Male